#327: Shadows In The Desert: The Derek Hayes & David Flora Interview

Nestled near the southern most point of California, less than 100-miles east of San Diego, is the stark, stunning and utterly inhospitable environ known as the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Dangerous for all the myriad reasons deserts are usually avoided—blistering heat, treacherous landscapes, the constant threat of dehydration and, of course, an overabundance of venomous species—the arid hell-scape that is Anza-Borrego also boasts an array of lesser known, though no less lethal, predators. These threats come in the form of a crazy coalition bizarre beings, inexplicable illuminations, alien interlopers, sinister specters, UFOs of all shapes and size and a contingent of colossal and clearly carnivorous critters known collectively as the Borrego Sandmen. This often deadly nexus of high-strangeness, not surprisingly, occupies a trilateral region within the desert park that has come to be known as the “Borrego Triangle.”

Shadows in the Desert: High Strangeness in the Borrego Triangle:

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