#179: The Imjärvi Elf – Our Strange Skies X The Cryptonaut Podcast

On this, the second collaborative episode between Our Strange Skies and The Cryptonaut Podcast, Rob, Marc and Rob explore the curious and dramatic encounter that a pair of cross-country skiers, Arno Heinonen and Esko Viljo, had in the forests of Imjärvi, Finland in the winter of 1970. The trio then tries to unravel the continued encounters experienced by Arno throughout 1972 and beyond.

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The first appearance of the case in the May/June 1970 issue of Flying Saucer Review’s World Round-up section.

The case gets its first feature length article in the July/August 1970 edition of Flying Saucer Review

The case made the cover of the September/October 1970 edition of the Review.

In the final issue of that year, the last remaining details of the case are presented.

A decade later, in Vol. 26, issue 3 of FSR for 1980, Arno Heinenonen’s continued encounters with ufonauts is documented.

Their story is concluded two issues later.

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Simonton: Knobby Tires on Wet Pavement by John E.L. Tenney